XO Orchid on Taupe 16x16With Valentine’s Day just around the corner it’s a great time to pick up a painting for your sweetheart! These are four paintings I have chosen in various sizes small to medium that I think would make beautiful Valentine’s paintings! If you are looking for something small  and delicate “XO Orchid on Taupe”  is available at Shain Gallery (704-334-7744) and “China Cup Orchid”  is availble at Ann Irwin Fine Art (404-467-1200). These are soft,  lovely paintings and easy to place.

Roses on Green is a favorite of mine. I love the color palette of this painting and it is a fabulous mixed bouquet of Valentine roses! It is also available at Anne Irwin Fine Art (404-467-1200)

Yellow Vase is is a signature painting of mine and requested by many of my collectors. It’s a perfect size 24×24 and the color pallette fits in most rooms. It is available at Shain Gallery (704-334-7744).

I have now given you four great  bouquets to pick up for Valentine’s. Happy Valentine’s to you all! – Christy