Kinard & Palm Beach

The influence of South Florida on Christy
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The Colony Hotel: Pink Paradise

The Colony Hotel, a quintessential Palm Beach landmark, stands as a beacon of charm with its distinctive pink facade. Built in 1947, the hotel exudes a sense of timeless elegance with its soft pink exterior and turquoise accents. These gentle hues create a serene and inviting atmosphere that resonates with Kinard’s love for soft yet impactful color palettes. In her floral series, the delicate pinks and blues often mirror the Colony’s signature colors, bringing a touch of Palm Beach’s iconic style to her canvases.

The Breakers: Opulence in Every Shade

Another pillar of Palm Beach luxury, The Breakers, boasts a rich history and grandiose architecture. This Italian Renaissance-style hotel is adorned with intricate designs and a sophisticated color scheme that ranges from warm earth tones to deep, luxurious reds and golds. The opulence of The Breakers is reflected in Kinard’s more elaborate pieces, where she uses layers of rich, textured colors to create depth and complexity. Her ability to blend hues seamlessly echoes the grandeur and attention to detail found at The Breakers.

Ocean Boulevard: Coastal Charm

Ocean Boulevard, running parallel to the pristine beaches of Palm Beach, offers a picturesque drive lined with swaying palm trees and vibrant floral displays. The natural beauty along this scenic route, with its vivid greens and bright tropical flowers, is a constant source of inspiration for Kinard. The boulevard’s lively and fresh color scheme often finds its way into her botanical works, where she captures the essence of Palm Beach’s coastal charm through bold, expressive brushstrokes.

Wynwood Walls: Urban Vibe Meets Artistic Flair

Just a short drive from Palm Beach, the Wynwood Walls in Miami present a striking contrast to the area’s traditional elegance. This outdoor museum of international street art is a riot of color and creativity, featuring large-scale murals and graffiti from artists around the globe. The eclectic and energetic vibe of Wynwood has influenced Kinard’s more abstract pieces, where she experiments with unconventional color combinations and bold, graphic patterns. The freedom and innovation seen in Wynwood’s art scene encourage her to push the boundaries of her creativity.

The Artistic Synthesis

Christy Kinard’s work is a vibrant synthesis of these diverse influences. From the pastel serenity of the Colony Hotel to the opulent richness of The Breakers, the coastal vibrancy of Ocean Boulevard, and the urban edge of Wynwood Walls, each element contributes to her unique artistic voice. Kinard’s ability to draw from these varied sources allows her to create pieces that are not only visually striking but also deeply connected to the spirit of Palm Beach and its surroundings.

In her studio, Kinard blends these inspirations, channeling the pastel elegance of historic hotels, the lush beauty of coastal landscapes, and the dynamic energy of street art into her paintings. The result is a body of work that is as diverse and captivating as Palm Beach itself, capturing the essence of this beautiful and eclectic area through her masterful use of color and form.

For those who visit Christy Kinard’s gallery or explore her work online, each piece offers a glimpse into the vibrant world of Palm Beach, inviting viewers to experience the same sense of joy and inspiration that fuels her creative process. Through her art, Kinard continues to celebrate the beauty and diversity of her surroundings, making Palm Beach’s rich tapestry of colors and influences accessible to all.

Flamingo Floral 60x48
Pink Lemonade 24x24